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Construction of a teletechnical sewage system

As part of the service, we offer our customers the construction of teletechnical sewage systems. Experienced employees, modern machines and constant monitoring of the industry's development allows us to provide comprehensive services in the field of planning, construction and modernization of reliable telecommunications infrastructure.

Welding and measurements of fibre optic

We provide welding services of optical fibres and the measurement of performed welds. In our work, we use modern equipment and proven technology. We provide maintenance services in the field of network failure removal and professional technical consultancy.

Pulling and blowing teletechnical cables

We offer the services of blowing and pulling optical fibres. We have professional equipment for blowing both traditional cables and micro-cables. Our team has many years of experience, thanks to which we can quickly and efficiently deal with the placement of the cable in the protective pipe.


We provide installations in industrial, public and multi-family buildings. The solutions and devices we use are tested and have valid compliance and safety certificates. We carry out installations in compliance with all technical guidelines. People carrying out the work have experience and appropriate authorizations.

of radio networks

We deal with the comprehensive construction of radio networks: construction of towers and masts, installation and configuration of radio lines as well as installation and configuration of base stations. We service existing networks, providing inspections and maintenance.

24/7 technical service of the telecommunications network

24/7 technical service of the telecommunications network We operate like, for example, an energy emergency. In case of a sudden failure of the telecommunications infrastructure, we strive to diagnose the cause of the failure as soon as possible, eliminate it and restore connectivity.

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